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Project Partners?

If you want help with designing innovative and user-centered packaging concepts that work from many perspectives, come and talk to us. We appreciate a good creative challenge.

Pack-Age is an Aalto-wide packaging design and innovation course. Our students work in interdisciplinary project teams and each team has their own design challenge from the industry. Project-based learning is a key approach, supported by a wide range of theme lectures and workshops taught by a number of specialists from different schools and organisations. Pack-Age takes a holistic approach to packaging. The course is based on combining design, business, sustainability and engineering thinking to real project work.


We have collaborated with big and small companies from various industries. The packaging challenges can be strategic, tactical or operational. For each project we create a team of 5-6 students selected from different backgrounds by combining competences. The student team works with the challenge, learns about packaging from many perspectives and develops concepts and prototypes that answer the brief. Feedback is collected from a number of perspectives during the course and used to develop the concept further in iterative loops. Over the years we have also formed partnerships with industrial sponsors who helped us with supplying materials or high quality print production.

We select annually a few projects to work with. New project proposals and contracts are prepared in the spring, but teaching and design work takes place in the autumn, from September to December at Aalto University in Otaniemi.

Cooperation makes it possible to offer more comprehensive approach to teaching and learning packaging design. Pack-Age is all about collective intelligence. If you are interested in collaborating contact the course manager Markus Joutsela,

Let’s do great things together!