Since its founding, Pack-Age has collected many positive feedback from both clients and students who have taken part. Here are some of their candid testimonials.

Participation in the Pack-Age has brought visibility to our company and products and expanded our professional network. Implementation of the project was extensive and effective, despite several challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The highlight of the course is Lemtapes getting the IP rights for the achieved designs. We would like to thank the students team Lemtapes, Markus Joutsela and the university teachers and partner companies who participated in the course for their contribution and help in the success of this project. Its been a pleasure and a great experience for us as well. Pack-Age is a good example of how together we can make better packaging!

– Diana Rossi, Business Development Manager, Lemtapes, Pack-Age 2020

In the fall of 2019 Lantmännen Schulstad (part of Lantmännen Unibake and the Lantmännen Group) participated in the Pack-Age design course. The students from the course were presented with the task of designing a new type of packaging for a new range of industrial scale premium fresh bread.

The bread industry is characterised by big volume, operational complexity and longstanding traditions for doings things in a certain way. However, the students managed to challenge these constraints and the perception of what a premium pre-packed bread should look like. The end-result was an inspiring and innovative packaging concept which combined materials, structural and graphic design in a new way not seen before in this industry. The packaging concept is now a key-element in a larger process towards commercialisation.

The Pack-Age design course was a very positive and inspiring experience and we strongly recommend other brand owners to participate.

– Ulrik Rosenørn, Commercial Packaging Manager, Lantmännen Unibake Fresh, Pack-Age 2019

While working as Creative Director for Iittala, e-commerce packaging lingered for some time as a project. We couldn’t handle it in-house, we weren’t sure if an external agency would be the best route, and yet products were shipping on a continuous basis that weren’t matching what we wanted as a brand experience. When the opportunity came to collaborate with a specialised team of students, guided by an expert University packaging advisory team, this became the best option. Youthful design talent coupled with professional guidance gave the ecommerce packaging project the possibility to explore advanced new areas while still creating options that could be put quickly into production. The project resulted in an optimal selection of design options from which the internal Fiskars Group packaging team could explore further, many of which went into production.

– Jeremiah Tesolin, Creative Director, Iittala, Pack-Age 2018

Pack-Age was truly something you would not call a “normal” university course, it was a lot more. During Pack-Age, we got to tackle real-life challenges in multidisciplinary teams and got to learn many new skills from lecturers and teachers from many different fields. I believe this course taught me many new skills and information I could use in the future and now I am eager to learn more about the packaging field. The more you learn about the packaging field, the better you understand how interesting field it is.

– Noora Raipale, Master’s Student, Aalto CHEM, Pack-Age 2020

Intriguing course in which you will learn tremendously about packaging and its functions. The course is demanding yet awarding – participate to feel multiple emotions in a concise period of time.

– Ia Ahl, Master’s Student, University of Helsinki, Pack-Age 2020

Pack-Age Minor was one of the high points of my studies! The course is more than a comprehensive study of package development and design, it is also an opportunity to learn about project working and making good friends. This intensive course helps you to get closer to working as a packaging specialist in the future!

– Mira Palsola, Master’s Student, University of Helsinki, Pack-Age 2020