Project Description

Background & Challenge

The main challenge was to develop and create a whole brand identity and packaging design for a new wine line for Altia. The project included making various packaging concepts for this new line and co-developing ideas further with them. The main objective for the product was to attract consumers’ attention at the shelf, to create an urge to approach the package, and eventually buy the product.

“Demystifying” the whole wine segment and creating awareness towards alternative wine packaging, were also essential elements to the brief. This meant that various forms such as “affordable-premium” wine packaging for PET bottles, BIB (bag in box) and/or pouch packaging, were possible solutions. No brand concepts were provided, but the proposition had to include following: that all the concepts should be commercially viable, the packaging should provide a premium look and feel, and to establish difference with the packaging concept but with a price that is affordable.


Several ideas were generated, and the final concept focused on simplicity, minimalism, essentialism, creating an exclusive, striking image which generates attraction. The integrated branding solution with the packaging brings that luxurious feel of wine with a more compelling appearance.

Black color has always been synonymous with elegance, matt / shiny malerials, san serif typography, simple patterns.

The identity and brand show these premium values to the customers, especially those explorer types, who are open to discover new things. The bottle prepares consumers to have a new experience, where the sense of sight is secondary. After wine has reached the right temperature, wavy pattern depicting wood rings gradually appear. It communicates specific messages to the customers in connection with the products and quality.

Student Team:

  • Joanna Żółtowska
  • Ilari Jounila
  • Julia Popova
  • Sanna Koskimäki
  • Ulrika Fredrikson
  • Antti Orava