Project Description

Background & Challenge:

Promotto Spices is a Finnish based company in Joensuu that takes spices to the next level. The challenge was to design a new package for one of their brands, “Spices Chef”. The package would have to be suitable for Promotto Spices’ wide range of spice and herbs; each with their own aromas values, sizes and delicacies. The package would have to be innovative, easy to use and store, and be suitable for the kitchen environment, while being appropriate to be manufactured at scale in a cost efficient manner.


After researching into the market, conducting a SWOT analysis, and defining the primary target user as the Lohas consumer group, many ideas were generated and iterated. Crucial to the design is the system of colour and pattern, where the individual identities for all the Spices Chef products were created. Inspired by the flavor of the spice itself, the colour and pattern were based on its particular characteristics. In addition to the packaging structure, materials, graphics and patterns, a new logo and branding was also considered and designed. The final design combines a visual innovativeness and realistic production possibilities. It is simple, yet elegant, high quality, but not too premium. It is sustainable and appealing to consumers who value the lifestyle of health and sustainability. The concept truly reflects the quality of the products within and is a fantastic solution for the Spices Chef brand.

Student Team:

  • Minna Liimatainen
  • Tong Li
  • Craig Lindsay
  • Aino-Nina Saarikoski
  • Inga Tammivuori
  • Jian Zhu