Project Description

Background & Challenge

Fresh food waste is a huge problem in the current environment. It is also a problem of inequality, as fresh produce is perishable and because of that, very expensive in some countries. On the other hand, elsewhere fresh produce is treated as a commodity and has low value because of that. For this particular project, Pack-Age collaborated with University of Helsinki, where a technology was developed that stops the ripening process of fresh produce and slows down the microbial activity, utilizing non-toxic chemicals derived from nature.


FruiTimer acts as a natural time-keeper. By monitoring/controlling the ripening mechanism of fruits and vegetables, it will maintain the perfect state of ripeness of fresh produce for 3 extra days. The package of FruiTimer contains 15 folded cards made of paper, that are sprayed with FruiTimer active components. Also recyclable, this whole package has been designed with sustainability above all.


  1. Gently pull one card out of the FruiTimer package
  2. Rip it carefully, paper is fragile
  3. Unfold it – FruiTimer gets activated by light
  4. Place the unfolded card in your fruit bowl, below your fresh produce

Student Team:

  • Essi Laine
  • Riia Vidgren
  • Paula Honkonen
  • Juliette Flipo