Project Description

Background & Challenge

The challenge was to design a new B2B-gift wine package for Grano’s salespersons. The new packaging had to be versatile for different kind of wine bottles and had to reflect Grano’s brand values and production capability.

Grano’s wishes were that bottle had bottle collar or card so that salespersons could write their greetings to the client. Package should also have a “third element” related to gift giving. That element could be anything, for example a small business gift, chocolate or a keychain.

The main objective of the project was to replace Grano’s current wine packaging. The current wine package had been described as childish and too linked to easter. The current package structure had also too sharp edges so it was hard to carry. The package was small and it could contain only bottles of a certain size.


After intensive benchmarking, research, and prototyping, the final hexagon shape was found. The shape was chosen because it was quite unique form for a wine package and functions well for a bottle. The shape hides the gift and does not immediately reveal it as being wine. The basic hexagon tube would be too simple, so we added sleeves to cover the inner package with elegant twist and to provide more protection for the bottle.

To highlight the elegant theme, black was chosen as the colour for the outer sleeve and added black illustrations in varnish. Black was an easy choice for the colour, because it is prominent in Grano’s visual identity and can offer a simple yet compelling look to the package. A layered structure was chosen to provide a pleasant and surprising unboxing experience. The inner package was left cardboard brown with some printed elements. The outer sleeve was cut in half, leaving a small zig-zag slit in between. The uncoated cardboard provided a soft contrast with the black giving the package look an eco-luxury finish. The slit also helps to communicate the opening mechanism – lifting the upper sleeve and revealing the illustrations inside.

Student Team:

  • Atte Karppinen
  • Annika Pöysti
  • Elisabeth Vesanto
  • Inka Salminen