Project Description

Background & Challenge:

Current BiBs in the market have most often plastic handles, which are not environmentally friendly nor fully recyclable. The main goal of this project was to replace the current plastic handle of bag-in-box (BiB) wines with Lemtapes’ open tape to make the packages more sustainable as well as enhance their recyclability.


Two designs were created with respect to the requirements of Lemtapes. The BiBs were designed to attract customers’ attention on the shelves. However, the design is not too complex so that its production can fit well into existing packaging lines. Moreover, cost efficiency was required to be taken into account to make the BiB affordable for production. Removing extra space from the top part can be considered as a novel solution for efficiency of the cost in our designs. The designs combine both smart structure as well as easy recycling. The smart structure has a corrugated board handle enforced with Lemtapes Ecotape, the tape running through the whole package making it possible to rip the box apart when recycling. The main focus in the work has been creating the dielines for the boxes that can be applied for various uses, also outside of wine industry. For this project, graphics for a wine brand called Footmark were created.

Student Team:

  • Zahra Madani
  • Milla Nieminen
  • Pauliina Piuhola
  • Sofia Lötjönen