Project Description

Background & Challenge:

VTT’s purpose for this project was to study the consumer acceptance of a new type of fermented beverage. The team’s role in this project was to develop three different label solutions for this new fermented beverage, ready for placement on a specific market-available container. Each of these label solutions and their appropriateness to deliver a desired meaning, naturalness, to consumers were tested by the client by online pretest and part of the final consumer acceptance study will take place in a living-lab environment.


Three label designs were produced for the beverage. Each label solution has a different approach to communicate the added value – “naturalness”. The three approaches are “Naturalness via Healthiness” – no additives and natural preservation, “Naturalness via Sustainability” – 100% plant-based ingredients, and “Naturalness via Healthiness and Sustainability” – 100% plant-based ingredients, no additives and natural preservation.

Student Team:

  • Tuuli Hämäläinen
  • Mira Palsola
  • Noora Raipale
  • Eveliina Hertsi