Project Description

Background & Challenge
When purchased online, Iittala’s products are shipped to the customer in a plain e-commerce box. One of the crucial problems is that these plain cardboard boxes do not mirror the premium image of the Iittala brand and products. As the items are extremely fragile, protection is also a key; however, bubble wrap was something that the company wished to eliminate. The challenge was to come up with an improved e-commerce box that answered all of these mixed complex problems.

Different personas were created to hypothesize the users and situations. After defining the themes of what makes the Iittala brand special, three different concepts were made.
The final solution is a “box in a box”. The structure is made up of two different pieces, which has a ripping opening done with perforation cuts. This enhances the unboxing experience, where scissors are not needed to open the box. The exterior color of the box is a standard cardboard brown, taking the customers by surprise when they see the richly patterned design in the interior.
In addition, beautifully folded paper structures protect the items in lieu of plastic bubble wrap. Around the teema dishes is a tessellation called “Waterbomb” and the sheet used to keep everything in place is called “Miura-ori”. These folded paper options give the box a premium feel – exactly the kind of quality that Iittala values and represents.

Student Team:

  • Francesco Scognamiglio
  • Elina Rantanilkku
  • Kerttu-Maaria Ylipoti
  • Riku Lappalainen