Project Description

Background & Challenge

Today Uudenmaan ruoka has a self-service distribution room in Herttoniemi library where producers and customers can visit within the opening hours of the library. There are separate delivery times for the producers to drop-off their food products and after that the customers can pick up their orders. The current state of product placement and product collection has challenges regarding the functionality of the service and recognition of particular farmer products. A significant challenge for Uudenmaan ruoka is how to guide the farmers to leave their food products visible in a correct way. Some farmers have left containers when dropping off products but others have taken them. This causes a problem for other foodhub users since the transport containers require lots of space and the space in the actual foodhub is very limited. When leaving the containers there, the farmers need to come back after a few days to collect the containers which causes extra travelling back and forth. Besides, the containers have high edges made of opaque plastic so it’s also challenging and time consuming for the current customers to recognize the right products when coming for the pick-up.


The solution was a concept where Uudenmaan ruoka foodhub will be run in a movable container resembling a traditional shipping container. The floorplan, interior and exterior design, kiosk, shelves, and bags were designed and prototyped. This movable container will be transported around the capital area resulting in a service that will be reachable to people in different areas within a specific time frame.

Student Team:

  • Angela Hernandez
  • Khelli Palmgren
  • Kaisa Kätkä