Project Description

Create a new added value packaging concept for fresh bread. How can bread packaging work as a media in everyday life? How can it delight consumers and provide positive experiences? Think joy, information and affection through packaging.

Students created two concepts that underline the sustainability and responsibility aspect as well as maintaining the product in good condition. The bread cycle concept displays different phases in the product’s life cycle and informs the user about the origins and qualities of the product, where it is coming from, how it is made and transported and by whom and it even gives advice with what can you do with bread once it is not fresh anymore. The handmade concept is a linen packaging that can be used over and over again for carrying and keeping the bread fresh.

Student Team:
Pekka Pölkki
Anu Nokua
Inka Kosonen
Kristjan Laansalu
Saana Tikkanen