Project Description

Create a delightful experience to the consumer – young adults living in urban area purchasing a hi-end smart device – while communicating sustainable values. Research and explore possibilities of using UPM Grada (thin plywood) as a packaging material for premium consumer electronics.

Students created packaging that itself can be regarded as an added value design object. The “reloaded” package works as a wireless charging dock for the phone. When used together with the product it works also as an stylish bedside alarm clock. Additional information, such as product manuals can be accessed through the laser engraved QR code. Students experimented with graphics with both laser engraving and silkscreen printing directly on the wood. As an additional concept students explored the fun aspect of packaging by introducing a package that in addition to containing the mobile phone with hi-end camera technology, it can be used empty as an old school pinhole camera.

Student Team:
Elena Vimpari
Tuukka Kingelin
Miiro Seppänen
Bianca Byggmästar
Arindra Kumar Das