Project Description

Background & Challenge

The challenge was to develop an intelligent packaging solution for Metsä Board, using Larsen Cognac as a reference.


A graphical style for Larsen Cognac series – VS, VSOP & XO, were developed. All three concepts represent Scandinavian scenery: mountains for VS, Northern Lights for VSOP and shooting stars for XO. When packages are placed together next to each other, the graphics appear holistic and continuous. Close tones of red, blue and grey colors, used for the background, only support the union. Natural forms of scenery are framed in geometric shapes, which make the graphics look more contemporary and suitable for cognac packages. In addition, based on feedback they appeal to younger audiences. Dotted texture adds complexity and details, which make the graphics lively and bring interesting opportunities when using special effects, such as foiling. The new graphical look is meant to stay loyal to Larsen brand and at the same time make it more fresh and intriguing.

As for the intelligent packaging system, the aim was to create an engaging and interactive application for the consumer. NFC tags were to add a unique finishing touch and a point of sale which would stand out and be memorable for the consumer. Also, adding augmented reality (AR) was considered to the package to engage customers with the product and the brand after purchase.

Student Team:

  • Mamdooh Afdile
  • Mika Immonen
  • Daria Ivanova
  • Elena Mariani
  • Niko Paavola
  • Miia Palmu