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Markus Joutsela

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Department of Media at Aalto University

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Since the pilot course in 2012 we have collaborated with a number of projects and companies. By clicking on a project name you will find a short description what the project was about and how the student team addressed the challenge along with some pictures of the final prototypes. Each year the final concepts and prototypes are revealed and presented to the public in the Pack-Age Gala.

The pictures of final prototypes represent just the tip of an iceberg. All teams created several concepts that were tested and evaluated during the course and after iterations only a few were selected to be developed further into final prototypes with the help of a professional printer. The individual project path is described more thoroughly in the project report that is handed to our project partners at the end of the course. It typically includes information such as the background research, exploration, ideation, concept development, selection, prototyping, testing, evaluation, user studies and might include suggestions about scaling up the concept, descriptions of potential, production recommendations, or other future possibilities.